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Seasons Dating provides you with a first class dating environment so that you can easily contact the singles of your choice. Using our advanced features it is easy to establish contact very quickly and begin to build up an online rapport before you ask for a date. You can use use our instant messaging service to do this. One effective way is to send what is called ‘ice-breakers’ : usually a line of text or two to announce yourself to hundreds of potential partners on our Mature Dating network.¬† You may be stuck with how to approach this line of engagement so we’ve provided you with 10 ideas and tips to help you create the perfect Icebreaker.

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1. Be friendly.

Always be friendly when you first engage with your ice-breaker. Use open and approachable language but don’t be too polite. See tip 2. One of the most effective words to use is a simple, ‘Hello.’ It works. Don’t use vulgar language and be too forward with your intentions. It can be off-putting.

2. Be in control.

Try and not let the other person believe that they’re in charge of the dating situation or that you are a push-over. Overuse of the word ‘please’ can re-enforce this image of you. Never seem to beg for a date. Try and aim for a balanced approach so that you’re both viewed on equal terms.

3. Be positive.

Try and enforce the impression that a date with you would be an enjoyable occasion for both of you. Convince your potential partner that you are a fun and approachable person with a positive view of your life.

4. Don’t joke.

Try and not use a joke with your ice-breaker. It might be a good one but it most probably will backfire. If it is funny it might give the impression that you’re not taking this online dating very seriously. That could put off people.

For example, how much does a polar bear weigh ? Answer : As much as it takes before the ice breaks.

Yes, a joke might possibly work but there is the danger that it might have been heard before or someone takes offence. Best to avoid.

5. Don’t use cliche’s.

Looking for Mr. Right ? Looking for the girl of my dreams ? Looking for a knight in shining armour ? Awful isn’t it? Try and avoid cliches if you can.

6. Hint at your favourite activities.

Try and shine a light on what type of life that you have. If you have an exciting hobby try and break the ice with a reference to a relevant activity that you love to do.

7. Hint at your ideal date.

Equally, try and explain what you like to do. What would be an interesting and stimulating date for you? Break the ice not with a demand but with a hint about what would please you.

8. Sound appreciative.

Other people like to feel that they’re appreciated. Show them by using language that demonstrates this like, ‘I’d love to meet you for a date.’ But remember to be in control on equal terms.

9. Be honest.

Try and not attempt to be someone that you are not. Don’t exaggerate or pretend that you enjoy something that you don’t just to get a date. You’re looking for a potential partner. Establishing trust between both of you is very important for a successful relationship.

10. Be short.

Yes, it’s an ice-breaker so try and be brief and to the point. Give people a glimpse of the real and positive you so that they’ll be coming back for more. And get ready for the avalanche of responses in your inbox. You’ll be dating very soon !

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